zeppo1630 (zeppo1630) wrote in johnk_stills,

John Krasinski Stills

Well, I am trying to get this community up and running. I figure when I get 15 members, I'll start the 1st Round.

Also, I need some co-moderators. I need maybe 2. I need someone to make banners (if not, I'll make them, thats alright with me) and I also need some help with the layout. I have a header made, and I tried to do the layout, but apparently LJ has decided to not like me right now. And if either one of you, banner maker or layout designer, would like to help and post the voting posts and whatnot, I'd probably have you help with that from time to time as well.

Hopefully this will get up and running. Here's hopin!

Pimp us!
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