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John Krasinski Stillness Community

John Krasinski Stills: An Icontest Community
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Welcome to John Krasinski Stills, an icontest community dedicated to John Krasinski who plays Jim Halpert on The Office.

1. Being a stillness community, we do not allow any animated icons. All other icons are welcome, so long as they fit standard LJ format. Meaning icons must be 100x100 pixels, under 40kb, and in png., gif., or jpg. format.

2. Each contest will be posted by one of the mods every Sunday or Monday. Most of the time, pictures for the contest will be provided for you, however, there may be a few contests that allow you to choose your own. Meaning, unless stated otherwise, you must use the pictures we provide!

3. I may post two categories, one for John and another for Jim. When I do, I'll clearly state that you can enter 2 icons, 1 per category. Unless otherwise stated, only 1 icon is allowed to be entered.

4. Please do NOT vote for yourself in the contest. It defeats the purpose of entering a challenge in the first place.

5. We also ask that you please don’t post your icon for public use until after the contest is over. After the contest, you’re free to do what you’d like with it, however!

As stated above, a mod will make a post each Sunday or Monday letting you know what the challenge is for the week. You will be allowed to post your icon in a comment to that same entry (entry will be screened). Your entry should look like this example below:
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A reminder message will be posted in the community every Wednesday, reminding everyone of the contest.

Like submitting, a entry will be posted where you can vote after each challenge ends. Every challenge ends on Friday at midnight, and voting begins on Saturday. Votes are tallied up on Sundays, and the winners are announced. Instructions for voting will be provided in the entry.



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