zeppo1630 (zeppo1630) wrote in johnk_stills,

Layout is UP

YES! I have beaten LJ. I have worked my fingers to the bone and was finally able to get a layout up.

Ok, now for the challenge part. I've decided to ignore the 15 members thing, because I want to get the challenge started the same week that The Office season 3 starts. Im sad that there's not alot of members, seeing as John Krasinski is a hot mo fo. I think we as a community should pimp this community and the being that we call John. I shall try to pimp it, I just dont want to get in trouble. lol.

Soo... the first challenge will start on Sunday, it will continue until Friday, where voting will begin, and end on Sunday, where the winners will be announced and the new challenge will be started. I have some pictures in mind for the 1st challenge, it should be good. Lots of cuteness.
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